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Cook Street School of Culinary Arts was founded in 1999 as a contemporary culinary center devoted to providing a professional and recreational experience not found anywhere else in the country. With an accelerated professional training program, Cook Street School of Culinary Arts offers a unique opportunity for the mature student seeking intensive study in food and wine. Recreational classes, offered year-round, invite food and wine enthusiasts and amateur cooks alike to expand their abilities and creativity in a fun, hands-on environment!

Join us at Cook Street’s unique facility, located in the heart of Denver’s historic LoDo district, for a tour! Cook Street has been in operation for over 15 years so we have learned a thing or two about giving our valued guests a tailored and elevated experience. Meet and talk with Cook Street’s talented chef instructors and administrative team. Contact us to find out more information about Cook Street’s unique and accelerated Culinary Arts Program, recreational classes, or private events!

Culinary Arts Program Success Story: Bridget Hart

Bridget Hart, owner/operator, Sweet Enough

Bridget Hart, owner/operator, Sweet Enough

Bridget Hart, an alumnus from the July 2006 term, had a goal even before starting her culinary education at Cook Street: To give back to people on restricted diets a good relationship with food. So she took her Cook Street education and built on it; she embraced the techniques, the flavors, and the textures, but turned the recipes upside down. Bridget owns and operates Sweet Enough www.sweet-enough.biz, a successful personal chef business that focuses on preparing food for people with high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and many other afflictions.

Bridget says, “I wanted an accelerated program that would teach me all of the conventional rules of cooking, so that when I started my own company I could break all the rules.” She uses her Cook Street education and chef skills to create recipes, cook, and teach cooking and nutrition to her clients who want to restrict carbohydrate intake and control insulin levels naturally. Bridget prides herself on being able to mimic the flavor profile and mouth feel of any traditional food or style of cuisine a client may be craving and that may have been off limits due to dietary restrictions. Bridget states, “Without my training at Cook Street, I could not have realized my dream of helping others whose illnesses have affected their relationship with food.”

Bridget has channeled her successful personal chef business into work as a freelance contractor for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., based in Denver. She also runs a low-carb living support group through the Meetup.com site and maintains a blog on low-carb cooking. She was also featured on the Food Network in an episode of “Extreme BBQ with Bobby Flay” where she grilled her Aspen Buffalo Burgers on the top of Aspen Mountain during a snowstorm in June.

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