The Professional Culinary Arts Program Chef Instructors

Chef John

Executive Chef Instructor

John Parks

Chef John began his storied career with eight years in the restaurant industry in Denver, San Francisco, and Germany. To expand upon his inherent talent, John attended Cook Street’s Professional Culinary Program in 2005. After establishing himself as a respected Personal Chef he returned just six months after graduation to join Cook Street as a Recreational Class Chef Instructor. He worked his way up to Lead Chef Instructor and in 2012 was promoted into the Professional Culinary Arts Program. In January 2014 he was assigned the prestigious role of Executive Chef Instructor for the school. He brings to us an invaluable sense of creativity, passion, and fathomless knowledge. Combined with his patient demeanor he is the ideal instructor to usher our students into their new culinary endeavors. Read the Denver Westword’s Chef & Tell blog about Chef Parks, here 

Chef Jenna

Executive Pastry Chef Instructor

Jenna Dilullo

Growing up in a big Italian family from Fishkill, New York, food was the focal point of every get together. Chef Jenna learned from a young age just how important, and celebratory, food can be. Her love for pastries and the culinary arts started at those family meals and continued to grow with time. Chef Jenna started her culinary journey in a small bakery at the age of 15 washing dishes and baking cookies for the lunch rush. She then went to The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, and obtained an Associate in Occupational Studies (AOS) where she learned the ins and outs of specialty breads, chocolates and confections, and menu development. From then on, Chef Jenna has worked in high production bakeries and as the Assistant Director of a flavor company where teaching the science and components of a flavor to future clients became her passion. After obtaining her Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate, she moved to Denver, Colorado where she worked at Mercantile as the Assistant Pastry Chef, and Etalia as a Gluten-free bread baker. It was here that she began honing her craft and learning the science of every dessert and bread she could get her hands on. This journey led Chef Jenna to Cook Street where her passion for pastries and love for explaining the what, why and how, come together as one.

Recreational Class & Private Event Chef Instructors

Chef Cada

Chef de Cuisine

Director of Recreational Cooking & Events

Cada Fabian

Knowing she wanted to work with food her whole life, Chef Cada found her place of passion within the wholesome, slow-food sector of the culinary industry. Her love of things fresh and local extends far beyond food as she is passionate about urban homesteading, gardening, and raising livestock.  After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in both Culinary Arts and Clinical Nutrition, Cada attended culinary school in Lima, Peru where she grew to appreciate the sustainable practices of ancient Andean culture and strives to encourage those she teaches the same.  She also is a chef for the US Ski Team and recently joined them in Pyeongchang, South Korea for the Winter Olympics.


Sous Chef

Mickie Tumbry-Bird

Chef Barb

Chef Instructor

Barb Sagel

Chef Barb is a Colorado native who happily grew up in the kitchen with her mom and grandmas. She was a frequent attendee of Cook Street’s Recreational Program classes for many years before she went to Parma, Italy with the European Tour.  She then completed the Professional Culinary Program in 2015 and is thrilled to continue her long history with Cook Street as a Chef Instructor. She appreciates the amazing opportunity to continue learning from and teaching with the talented Chefs: John Parks, Jenna DiLullo, and Cindy Eger. She loves baking, cooking with friends, canning anything that will fit into a jar and volunteering at the SAME cafe, a non-profit restaurant in Denver.


Chef Instructor

Lance Lewis


Chef Instructor

Senna Cetera


Chef Instructor

Sam Friedman

After earning a Master’s in Teaching from the Colorado College, Chef Sam decided to break from a direct teaching path and pursue his passion in cooking by attending Cook Street’s Professional Culinary Arts Program. Throughout his educational pursuits in K-12 teaching and working in schools to promote the development of social and emotional literacies in students, his love, connection, and devoted preparation of food remained. Interacting with and sharing food represents the most prolific thread of Sam’s interests and passions. In his work as an instructor at Cook Street, Sam strives to continue to connect with others through the communal and interactive learning opportunities present in this uniquely educational and culinary setting.


Chef Instructor

Zach Jennings

Chef Zach grew up with a large family in Chicago and has a great passion for the way in which food brings family, friends, and strangers together. After working as a commercial fisherman in California he transitioned into the culinary industry working in a taqueria in Santa Barbara, California. After moving to Portland, Oregon he continued to work in a kitchen until moving to Colorado to attend the Professional Culinary Program. Shortly after graduating he was hired on as a Chef Instructor. He is excited to continue learning from his fellow chef instructors and to share his growing knowledge with anyone and everyone that will listen.

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