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Cook Street — Complete an Application

Please complete the form below to apply for enrollment in the Culinary Arts Program at Cook Street.

**Once you have completed the form, you will be directed to the shopping cart to pay your $50.00 non-refundable application fee.

Materials you will need in order to apply to Cook Street School of Culinary Arts:

  • Completed application (below)
  • Essay/personal statement (below)
  • Official high school and/or college transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation (excluding family members)

To submit items you may:

Mail to: Cook Street School of Culinary Arts
Attn: Admissions
1937 Market Street, Denver, CO 80202

Fax to: 303-308-9400

Email to:

Terms and conditions

It is the applicant’s responsibility to respond truthfully and accurately to all questions on the application for admission. Any applicant who furnishes either false or misleading information on the application can be disqualified as an applicant for admission. If Cook Street accepts the applicant and subsequently discovers that false or misleading information was furnished on the application, Cook Street may terminate the student’s privilege to continue his or her education without reimbursement.

I understand that it is my responsibility to forward the necessary materials to complete my file for review and will inform the Admissions Department in writing of any changes of information regarding my file, especially concerning employment. I have read the terms and conditions of acceptance in the enrollment package and catalog and agree to abide by them if admitted.