Alumni Spotlight: Jorge Aguirre

Chef Jorge AguirreJorge Aguirre sustained a successful career in Information Technology working with Fortune 500 companies for over 25 years. Jorge always had a passion for food and the chance at an early retirement, accompanied by a great offer in 2013, lead Jorge to Cook Street School of Culinary Arts. “I finally had the opportunity to do the thing that I love,” says Jorge. That “thing” was Jorge’s true passion; cooking. “The timing was perfect to get back to Colorado and start pursuing my true passion,” says Jorge.

With great timing on his side, Jorge enrolled in Cook Street’s Professional Culinary Arts & Wine Program. “My excellent instructors at Cook Street, Chef John Parks and Chef Cindy McKnight, opened my eyes to the realities of working in a real restaurant environment,” says Jorge.

Using the culinary tools he acquired at Cook Street, Jorge started to conceptualize a business plan for his dream project. “My dream has always been to open a Colombian restaurant, so I decided to start small and found a way to test the market to see if there was an appetite for Colombian cuisine in the Denver area.” Thus was born La Chiva; a food truck that offers traditional Colombian dishes and juices. “So far the response has been overwhelming”, says Jorge. “People have given us great feedback on the menu and keep asking when I’ll open up a restaurant!”

So what is next for Chef Jorge? Jorge and team La Chiva anticipate opening a brick and mortar in the very near future. “We are aggressively looking for a small place that we can lease or buy so we can open our restaurant and run the truck from it – but we are not rushing – it has to be the right place.”

Where can you get in on the delicious-ness of La Chiva food truck? You can find Chef Jorge and his passionate team posted up at Artisan markets and Craft Breweries all across Denver; cameos at Little Man Ice Cream in the popular Denver, Highlands neighborhood are also a great place to get your empanada fix. La Chiva also has a home at The Big Wonderful, Denver’s central seasonal market supporting new food, craft, music, and drinks. Find out more about the upcoming season HERE.

La Chiva also offers catering services for your special event. To book or to find out where La Chiva will be next, you can follow Jorge’s team on his website,, get more information at,, or through his social media outlets:

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